Dance, Voice, Colour,

Holistic Well-Being through Movement

Dancing the Rainbow-Holistic Well-Being through Movement (Mercier Press 2007) describes a process that began in the early 90's with yoga teacher and artist, the late Antoinette Spillane, DTR workshops and training programmes where participants could subtly explore, study, research and create through the mediums of movement/yoga, folk, shamanic and traditional dance, meditation, voice, drumming, colour therapy, art and creative writing. Lani has a family background in theatre and is a member of the Laban Guild for Movement and Dance, has studied spiritual dance and walk, awareness through movement, Feldenkrais, authentic movement, body mind centring, meditation, yoga, contemporary dance, native and traditional dance, sean nós, ballet and tap-dance. She is currently facilitating arts programmes in mental health, late stage dementia and palliative care with the Waterford Healing Arts Trust